Friday, 26 March 2010

Prehistoric Cave Painting

cave painting

I took this photo of a cave painting a few months ago.  Is it prehistoric? Take a closer look and let me know what you think and why :-)


RBerenguel said...

I can't guarantee... but they look quite new and sharp, don't you think?

Ratty said...

I really cannot tell one way or another. I'm not too good with cave drawings, except when they're really obvious.

The Ancient Digger said...

I don't think they are. Although the animals were always painted in a very lifelike way, I don't think these are. The colors are also too vibrant and the mane of the horse should be longer.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I'd have to agree with Lauren, but they are cool.

Thanks for the visit!

Tina said...

at first look i would have said yes, but then when you look closer it convinced me maybe they are not real after all! the colours seem very bright for something so old!

i wonder if im right? hmmmmm lol

Tina from
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Katherine said...

Alright, when are you going to reveal the secret? Dying to know now. Horses? Would there be horses? And also, some tribal guy that looks like my graphic from Tribal blogs LOL... and an arrow pointing to what looks like a cow's behind. Yup, I've studied it and I can't tell at ALL... when is the reveal? :)

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

The cave painting isn't prehistoric. It's a recent replica from a tourist attaction on the Isle of Anglesey. The horse is copied from Lascaux. :-)

ikkonoishi said...

Could the wagon on the left have anything to do with it? I don't think there were wagons in prehistoria.

Anonymous said...

This is the reply given to me by my kid Maxime (8 yrs)

Prehistoric man used yellow and red ochre, and so the black horses (not to say the running man in black) are probably an anachronism.

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