Monday, 27 June 2011

Egg Throwing Championships

The small Lincolnshire village of Swaton hosted this year's World Egg Throwing Championships at yesterday's Swaton Vintage Day. At one point eggs were flying off in all directions, hitting spectators and splattering innocent bystanders :-)

egg throwing trebuchet

The two man egg throw involved throwing an egg to a partner who had to catch it unbroken. The Guinness World Record of 98.51m was set by Johnny Dell Foley and Keith Thomas in November 1978 and remains unbroken.

Russian egg roulette presented the contestants with half-a-dozen eggs, 5 hard-boiled, 1 raw. The players took turns to select an egg and smash it over their head with inevitably messy results.

The most fascinating event used a variety of counterweight trebuchet. The weapons at today's show were build specifically to throw an egg from the sling. The accuracy needed a little work though - several eggs flew backwards into the crowd and the craft marquee! :-)

Altogether, we had a fantastic day and will definitely be back next year.

egg throwing trebuchet


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! What a hoot!

Gian Faye said...

That looks fun.

TheSkydiver said...

Nice one :)) should be some video too :))

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