Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Caving for the First Time

sign for Victoria Cave

I still remember my first real adventure. It was October 1991. I'd found two caves on the Ordinance Survey map and decided to explore them, Victoria Cave and Jubilee Cave. Undeterred by the pouring rain I collected a box of candles from the hardware store. :-)

Heading up Constitution Hill and along a footpath I soon reached Clay Pits Plantation. A wild desolate landscape waited for me. Next along a track towards the caves. By the time I arrived darkness had fallen.

I explored the rightmost passage of Jubilee Cave. The candlelight didn't penetrate far, but I could see the cave was far from what I expected. Water trickled down the walls. It was muddy, wet and strewn with boulders. I'd been expecting somewhere warm and dry with a floor of fine sand!

Outside again I found my way through the darkness to Victoria Cave, a huge chasm in the face of the scar. I could only see one side of the cave and the roof was hidden in the shadows. I followed the wall. More water, more mud and two passages to explore - one very low, the other very narrow.

After leaving Victoria Cave I wandered completely lost in a marshy area before I stumbled upon some ruins where I decided to take shelter from the rain. :-)


RBerenguel said...

Candles!? They don't combine any well with rain... You should take an uncursed (or blessed) magic lamp with a blessed potion of oil, if possible ;) (for NetHack-ers or Slash'em-ers only)

Sarah Thomas - photographer said...

I can not wait to go camping!! Im glad the weather is warming up so I can explore the Blue ridge park way! Caving that sounds fun and a little crazy! Something I have never had the opportunity to do! I love the photo with the fire in the cave, it dos look pretty warm and inviting!

bev said...

Hi i was here 4 a visit...i wanna go caving too! i love the picture...

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