Tuesday, 15 November 2011

London by Night

night view from the London Eye

The London Eye offers an amazing view of London by night. We visited London a few days ago and the ride on the Eye was the highlight of the trip :-)

night view from the London Eye

There's a spectacular view looking down to the Houses of Parliament in one direction and along the river to Saint Paul's in the other.

night view from the London Eye


H said...

I've been on twice in daylight, but never at night. I can certainly see the attraction!

Slappy Bear said...

I love the first photo, the contrast of the orange glow on one side and the blue on the other just looks brilliant ;)

Emm said...

What stunning photos! I just love the first one, with that electric blue lighting. I must definitely make a plan to take a night trip on the London Eye!

mobile app development companies said...

Great photos!! The House of Parliament in the night looks like medieval castle surrounded by water. Wish I were there..

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