Thursday, 4 March 2010

How Many Courtyards at Hampton Court?

Fountain Court at Hampton Court Palace

Fountain Court was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and is one of the many courtyards at Hampton Court Palace. Sir Christopher is perhaps better known as the architect of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

How many courtyards are there at Hampton Court Palace? As I explored I kept discovering more until I eventually lost track! How many can you see on the aerial photo? After you've counted the courtyards can you find the famous maze?


Raj said...

do u really think you can count it by looking at google maps ?

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I don't think I've ever been into the Palace but I remember the maze from many years ago. I once went to a flower show at Hampton Court several years ago. The day dawned bright and sunny which brought out so many crowds that I nearly gave up just trying to get there.

Vernz said...

Wooah .... this is a awesome place ...gorgeous palace ....

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Ratty said...

Just imagine what it might be like to be the owner of this place, and to be able to go anywhere within.

DoanLegacy said...

What an incredible place, and gorgeous scenery!

Icy BC said...

Gorgeous photos, John, and what a magnificent place to be.

Tina said...

wow that is alot of courtyards! i think i counted 11 !! couldnt see maze though. what a massive place!

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Auntie E said...

Wow, now I think those are way too many links left. Maybe I'll have to post on courtesy on links in comments and only leaving them for a certain post,That's what I do. I'm with you on just leaving a small link and a precise one. Mine are usually "My WW link for you" at the end of a comment. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to take a look at your post. have a great day.

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

Update: Alison from the curators department at Hampton Court Palace has confirmed there are 19 courtyards. Thanks Alison :-)

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