Thursday, 18 February 2010

Votive Offering to Mithras

The Temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh was discovered in 1949 and has it's origins in the 3rd century AD. The site was sacred to the Cult of Mithras. No evidence exists for the continuation of the cult after the 4th century, so who continues to leave a votive offering on the altar?


Sheila said...

And I wonder if anyone collects the offerings? People seem to toss coins into every possible place in the hope of bringing themselves good luck. Dig yourself a wishing well somewhere, make up a legend, and make your fortune.

Rebecca said...

Funny! Maybe they stopped giving tribute because they finally got some sense in them?! LOL Oh I love Shiela's idea-- make yourself a fortune!

Sharkbytes said...

Interesting name... since we just watched LOTR again yesterday, I have to pretend that even though the dwarfs made mithral, it was invented in Mithras!

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