Saturday, 20 February 2010

Red Telephone Box

red phone box

Red telephone boxes used to be a familiar sight in the U.K. but are slowly disappearing. I spotted this example of a K6C kiosk this morning while exploring central London.  The K6 was designed in 1935 by Sir Giles Scott to celebrate the silver jubilee of King George V.


Walk in the Woods said...

Wonderful image. It reminds me of the tele box we have here, not far from me in the N.E. US ... at a roadside family restaurant (which serves Good Breakfasts). Just the box, no workings, and I always step inside whenever I stroll by it. :)

Genejosh said...

here in THailand, the color is green

BTW, thanks for dropping by at Away from Home and leaving a comment about Sharkbyte:)

Sheila said...

True, you don't see nearly so many any more. It's a shame really because they are something iconic, like red letter boxes and policemen's helmets.

If you're in London, you won't be snowed in then?

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

Unfortunately I'm not snowed in! It was just beginning to snow at about 5 o'clock on Friday when I left Lincolnshire. It's snowed a little here, but not enough to cover the ground :-(

David said...

I love how the telephone is in color in this picture but the rest of the picture is in black and white. Did you do that yourself? I was just asking because if you did, then you missed the other telephone booth behind the two trees further down the street :-)

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

David, thanks and well spotted. However the box behind the trees is owned by a different company and is actually black :-)

Ratty said...

This is a great subject for a photo. I miss these so much! Ours here were always silver and blue. For a long time they were replaced with just a telephone bolted to a wall. Now even those are disappearing because of cellphones.

Tina said...

I know i used to love seeing these. There is only one by me i know of now, but its damaged and has a modern phone in. Kinda takes away the authenticness of it doesent it.

Thank you for stopping by my travel site by the way :)

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Sam said...

I once drove all the way from Leicester to Skegness in desperate need of a phonebox, as my car had no acceleration, didn't find one till I got to Wrangle. A very slow journey.

Vernz said...

a typical london scene .... great photo!

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