Friday, 5 February 2010

Boston Docks

Boston Docks on the River Witham

It rained on and off all day, but during the interval I went for a short walk along the river to the south of Boston. The crane is one of several belonging to Boston docks which I remember visiting on a school trip! Boston Stump is visible in the background and the revolving railway bridge can be see just before the bend in the river.


david said...

hi thanks for visiting my blog.. you have a lot nice photo here.. btw can I use one of these photo to ilustrate one of my blog post .. ??

WebbieLady said...

Nice angle you got there! Theskyos dark, and as you said it rained. It seems gloomy, did you feel that way?

Ratty said...

This is good stuff. It looks like my own city of Detroit. I used to live very near our Rouge River which looks very much like this one.

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