Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Warkworth Castle

Warkworth Castle

Warkworth Castle is a 12th century Northumberland ruin situated on a mound in the small village of Warkworth. The castle walls enclose an area roughly 60m × 80m with the 14th century keep standing to the north.

Warkworth Castle

Looking towards the keep from the gatehouse. Lion Tower stands to the left. Grey Mare's Tail Tower is to the right.

Warkworth Castle

Looking south from the keep. The remain of a church stand in the foreground. The dark holes lead to the church vaults. The Little Stair Tower is to the right.

Warkworth Castle


H said...

It looks very formidable!

Emm said...

How stunning! I love your third photo especially, where you can see the layout of the old buildings.

Ratty said...

That would be a very fun place to explore. It makes me wish we had things like that here.

Andrew said...

Looks amazing, were there any sections sealed off (stairs/rooms) or could you explore it all?

John said...

Hi Andrew. The door to the tower in the middle is locked, but apart from that it's possible to wander anywhere.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the reply John, most ruins I've seen had every door sealed off, barred off or off limits in some form or another, which is a real shame as the insides can be more interesting to explore.

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