Friday, 19 November 2010

The Grave of Charles MacArthur

"Here lies the remains of Charles Mackarter whose fame as an honest man and remarkable piper will survive this generation for his manners were easy & regular as his music and the the melody of his fingers will..."

The MacArthurs of Skye were hereditary pipers to the MacDonalds. The inscription on Charles MacArthur's grave in Kilmuir Graveyard is incomplete. According to legend Charles' son Donald was drowned at sea, leaving the mason unpaid.


H said...

It could be a whole new game... 'Complete the Inscription!'

Shinade said...

My daughter teaches 20th century British Lit. and took a trip over a couple of years ago and also a quick tour of Scotland. I think only a day.

She visited my favorite poet's home there. I love Wordsworth. I will have to ask if she also visited here.

I too like old stones and markers. They are always so interesting.

I am adding you, Holly and Ratty to my blog John. Which do you prefer? Here or English Wilderness?

I am guessing English Wilderness. Just drop over when you can and let me know!

Shinade said...

I will have her ask her friend who teaches this period in British Lit. and see if she can find out anything more about the drowning. She hopes to return to London soon.

I am hoping I get to visit as well. I am into the Elizabethan period. Everything about that period is like candy to a baby to me.

Emm said...

Oh, how sad (and intriguing) that the inscription wasn't finished! I got into trouble with my husband in Scotland. I was so fascinated by Scottish history that I was writing things down and it led to a bit of an argument!!

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