Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mural of Saint Michael's Mount

mural of Saint Michael's Mount

The mural shows Saint Michael's Mount and the Cornish Coastline and is painted on a house at Saint Michael's Mount. The small island near the peak of the roof is Saint Clement's Isle where according to legend an ancient hermit tended a guiding light.

Originally I though the mural showed Le Mont Saint-Michel. However apart from the island and river the coastline is a poor match. Clare from Saint Michael's Mount kindly set me straight. The compass points in the wrong direction which confuses matters somewhat. :-)


Vigor said...

Wow wow wow, what can I say..
I didn't notice until I go into full zoom, those small gray scratches are in fact small boats or ship. Very artistic, very detail and very interesting. Of course the color and the composition is beautiful. I mean the bright blue sky, the building itself, the painting and the green lawn. Perfect.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I'd love to visit St Michael's Mount. I think it would be less commercialised than Mont St Michel, but that's only a feeling I have. It was many years ago when I visited Mont St Michel.

John | Daily Photo said...

Unfortunately the first version of the post was wrong. Originally it read as follows:

"The mural shows Le Mont Saint-Michel in France and is painted on a house at Saint Michael's Mount. The small island near the peak of the roof is Tombelaine where according to legend the giant of Mont Saint-Michel lived until he was slain by King Arthur."

Luckily Clare from Saint Michael's Mount was able to clear up the confusion and I've corrected the article. Thanks Clare.

Tina said...

that is beautiful and so well preserved too.

P.s By way john your blogger profile name led to a dead link. It seems there is a comma where the .blogspot is suppose to be :)

Tina from
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