Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Giant's Heart

the giant's heart

Years ago a giant by the name of Cormoran built Saint Michael's Mount. He would wade across to the mainland to terrorise folk and steal their livestock.

The local people offered Cormoran's treasure as a reward for the giant to be slain. A boy called Jack rowed over to the island at night with a pickaxe and killed the giant at dawn, earning the name Jack the Giant Slayer.

The giant's heart marks the spot where Cormoran was killed.  If you put your ear to the heart you can still hear it beating :-)


Emm said...

Oh wow... that is fascinating!! That short span of water must have taken the giant just a few steps to cross! I wonder how much truth is in the legend?

Raj@ The Positive Life said...

This story sounds similar to the Goliath story, where David had killed the giant with slingshot.

it would be a little scary to try to hear the

ericaorange said...

Really? That's so cool!

Btw, thanks for dropping by at my blog ;)

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