Monday, 8 February 2010

Cheddar Man in Gough's Cave

Cheddar Man in Gough's Cave

Cheddar Man is the name given to the oldest complete human skeleton discovered in the U.K., dated to 7150 BC. This replica is displayed in Gough's Cave where the remains were discovered in 1903. DNA testing has revealed descendants of Cheddar Man still live in Cheddar. A ceremonial staff made from reindeer antler, fox teeth and perforated shells were discovered with the remains.


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Webbielady said...

Wow! That's soooooo ooolllld! ANd that looks scary huh! ^^

Ratty said...

This is the kind of thing that I find very interesting. For me, like most Americans, it's hard to imagine an ancestor that old.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

This is really interesting. I never heard of this find.

Emm said...

Oh wow... that is really old! Amazing!

Near where I lived in South Africa, the earliest ancestors of man have been found. The call it the Cradle of Humankind and the visitor centre is called Maropeng

Anonymous said...

Ir is amazing that they found this skeleton and equally amazing that the found a match! Now I am wondering if Cheddar Man is any relation to the Neanderthal that science says Europeans are now related to. What a fascinating time to be able to study the science of mankind!

Anonymous said...

Why cant more DNA testing like this not be done? it will promote interest in the field and appreciation for humanity, technology and ancestrol importance

Theresa said...

That is an incredible find! I'd like to see a computer mock-up of what that person looked like when he was alive.

Anonymous said...

Where is it

Anonymous said...

have the skeleton some teeths left?

anyway,it's good :-)

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