Thursday, 28 January 2010

Somewhere New to Explore

There's one place I love exploring almost as much as wild lonely places. I can't resist looking around second hand bookshops. They're far more interesting than new bookstores which seem to stock all the same titles. However there's a few strange and slightly annoying things I've discovered:
  • Huge stacks of books on the floor. What's that all about?
  • Books two deep on the shelf. Does anyone ever look at the back row?
  • It's so narrow you have to walk sideways. It's impossible to see the books.
  • A bizarre system to organise the books. Finding anything is impossible.
What do you wish you could change about your favourite second hand bookshop?


Sheila said...

You've obviously got a better stocked book shop than the ones I know! Whatever their state, I could happily live there for a week. I avoid going in, because I know I can't get out again very soon.

Icy BC said...

I love book stores, and two of in our city just went under, so now I have to find a new one..Great photo!

Emm said...

John, I think what I'm liking most about this new blog is the variety of your posts! It is like a Quality Street blog! As you and I have similar tastes in books, I think I know exactly how you feel when you walk into a second hand book store!!

Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said...

I really enjoy second hand book shops. We have a great one in Connecticut at the shore, but one of my favorites is in New Hampshire that my friend owns.

Laura said...

I have a favourite second hand bookshop in every town or city I spend any time in. :)

H said...

If you like bookshops, take a quick look at my blog tomorrow (16th May). It's heading into Scarthin Books in Cromford.

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