Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Early Morning by the Grand Union Canal

barge on the Grand Union Canal

Recently we camped near Stoke Hammond alongside the Grand Union Canal. The canal cuts through central England, running from Birmingham to London.


Ryan said...

What a peaceful day out, that canal looks unbelievably still.

H said...

When you think about it, the very first person to light on the idea of canals must have been a bit of an original thinker. Faced with the problem of transporting my coal from Worsley to Manchester, I would have been thinking about how to make straighter, more level paths. I would never have made the leap to digging a dirty great trench and filling it with water! I'm sure the idea must have grown out of adaptations to existing waterways, but nevertheless! What a heritage they left for us though! :)

Sinclair said...

I am so ready to live on that boat!!

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